The UK Materials Technology Research Institute (UK-MatRI) is part of a not-for-profit Research & Technology Development Group employing 550 scientists and engineers, and containing nine individual institutes, each with a specific technological specialism and competence.

Our researchers cover the full breadth of scientific disciplines from applied mathematicians and physicists, to materials engineers, chemists, biologists and manufacturing process experts.

Eurofilms Extrusion Ltd, is the UK's largest independent manufacturer of pallet wrap stretch film and collation shrink film.

Based in Telford, our purpose built state of the art facility contains the latest film extrusion lines and technologically advanced rewind systems. We are currently the No. 2 manufacturer of pre stretch films within Europe, marketed under our Euro-lite range and our continuous investment policy signifies our commitment to supporting our very important customer base - we are striving to be the no 1 manufacturer!

Wells Plastics is a specialist additive masterbatch company based in the heart of the United Kingdom. Wells has over twenty years of development and manufacturing expertise in the plastics marketplace with a global supply position.

Wells Plastics is a preferred partner for technological innovation by many leading plastic processing companies. In addition Wells are often approached by forward thinking chemical producers launching new products into the plastics industry.

JOANNEUM RESEARCH is a professional innovation and technology provider with a track record of 30 years in cutting-edge research at international level. It focuses on applied research and technology development, thus playing a key role in technology and knowledge transfer in Styria.

JOANNEUM RESEARCH actively cooperates with the business and public sectors to generate new innovations and carries out application-oriented research and development projects to promote technology transfer to industry.

Capitalizing on superior coating skills, advanced metallizing technology and creative R&D, Hanita Coatings develops and markets polyester-based filmic products. Hanita's engineered films primarily service the label, digital printing, flexible electronics and window film industries worldwide. Over the last 20 years, Hanita Coatings has updated and re-invested in production facilities, staying in the forefront of technological development.
For nearly 25 years we have serviced the label, electronics, and insulation industries, and have a significant presence in the print media and window film markets.


Based in Spain, Hermanos Del Pino Espinos specializes in Manufacturing and selling a wide range of window products and having developed a unique highly insulating window design.


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