SolarGain - Low cost switchable reflective polymeric solar
heat gain control films for energy efficient smart window applications

Commercial and political drivers for improved energy efficiency in buildings: buildings (residential and non residential) are the largest end-user sector for European energy.

Energy efficiency in buildings has therefore attracted significant political interest in recent years as Europe strives towards meeting its commitments set by the Kyoto Protocol, resulting in key European Policy, Directives and Legislation, such as The European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive - 2010/31/EU’. Such legislation has resulted in increasingly ambitious energy efficiency targets, which has been a key driving force for material, product and design improvements throughout the construction sector.

Windows – a key weak spot for building design and energy efficiency: whilst a key desirable feature in a buildings architecture, providing enhanced natural lighting (occupier comfort) and reduced artificial lighting (energy consumption); windows are recognised as a key weak spot within a buildings energy efficiency.

The project team are committed to a highly driven timescale to ensure results and progress is monitored against a predetermined plan. The milestones of achievement are clear within the project guidelines and the responsibilities to ensure success are understood by the consortium.

Each member of the consortium has significant experience in their area of expertise to ensure a well balanced and capable team are in place to overcome obstacles and bring innovative solutions to problems when they arise.


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The Solargain project receives funding from the EU's Seventh Framework Programme (PF7-SME-2011) under grant agreement no: 285952